{July 7, 2013}   Feed Me

you keep me hungry
starved for your words
each one a rare gem
to roll around my tongue
and tease my mind
precious and too frequently few
they drop almost carelessly
wrapped in a certain nonchalance
deliberately incidental
your words bring me to my knees
when i’m famished
and i linger over each one
tasting and testing
hiding them deep for further reflection
when famine rules my nights
in the long thirsty days of summer


Amazing! Your words touch me deeply, I have felt what your words say. Loved it!

♥ thank you so much,I’m happy you like but not happy you know the feeling 😉

Beautiful words of yearning…

Andy says:

Nonchalance. Love that word, non-chal-ance.
Coincidentally I’ve just been listening to Agnetha Faltskog singing ‘try to act so nonchalant’ in a cover of Walk In To The Room. Neat bit of synchronicity.

This is beautiful. My favorite of yours ever.

I always love your poetry! fine work and such a sad, haunting one at that.

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