{July 2, 2013}   What I Learned Yesterday

Yesterday we were inundated with non-stop seemingly never-ending torrential rain here in my little part of the world.
New Jersey isn’t known for tornados but yesterday one of those suckers swept into town, lucky for me it was a few miles away. Not so lucky for the folks who were taken unawares but thankfully nobody was hurt, just a lot of trees down and that sort of thing.
I’ve already had my fill of natural disasters, between Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy my tiny little state has seen enough destruction to last a lifetime and the approaching hurricane season does nothing to calm my nerves.

So what did I learn yesterday?
Well, my internet was outernet all day long.
It sucked.
Not even my fancy-shmancy computer-in-a-phone responded to my constant caress which started out lovingly and increased in intensity until I was tempted to throw said phone through the nearest window I could find.
But I didn’t.

In summation:
1.Weather sucks when it knocks out the internet.
2.Without the internet my writing slows to a complete halt.
3.My email continues to pile up and there’s nothing to do about it until the internet comes back on.

The lesson?
Don’t waste time when the internet is working properly. Write always whenever you can because even the harshest Muse can not control the internet or lack thereof.
Here endeth the lesson.


Amber says:

It’s always interesting to hear other writers’ preferences on environment! I write better when I’m “unplugged”, but only if I did enough research on the subject matter. It is nice to be able to Google “How long does it take you to die of thirst in the desert?” at lightning speed so you can keep going in the scene. But a lot of times I just skip what I don’t know, leave a note to myself, and keep going. Anyway, I’m glad your internet is working again since it helps your creative process!

“my internet was outernet all day long” – I love that sentence.
i fully appreciate you being fed up with rain. Here in London we get more than our fair share of the stuff. I am convinced that soon children here will start being born with webbed feet just so its easier for them to get around !!!
I hope the sun shines for you soon

They can beam pictures back to earth of a man on the moon (apparently!) but they can’t make the internet work when the weather’s bad. Someone isn’t trying hard enough.

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