{July 2, 2013}   Radio Silence

i think perhaps
i’ve lost my way
hit a bump in the road
slipped on some ice
tripped over a snow bank
i can’t quite put my finger on
it’s got me in it’s grip
maybe it’s me
or maybe
it could be the weather

even in a summer heat wave
i’m an igloo floating
frozen to the bone
running into nothing
no stars to guide me
and all the whispers have grown silent


I am here:) I know it’s not much because you are there. But I am always here if you need me. We all feel like this sometimes, no? HUGS!!!

it’s more than much, it’s everything, and these aren’t tears, i just got something in my eye ❤ you are an angel my sweet, huge hugs back and love, always love ❤

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