{July 2, 2013}   Not For You

redhaired amazon
they won’t let up
these thoughts you got me thinking
whisper in my ear chant-like
bringing out my primal
making me feel an amazon
i always was a warrior
but somewhere along the way i lost my self
forgot who i was till you showed up
like a superhero swooping in to save the day
you stirred the pot and split me in two
putting me back together again
this time in the correct order
without effort you tended the neglected
watered this dying wildflower
urging me on bringing back the succulent strength
pushed down and forgotten
until you pointed out the way
i saved myself for me though,
not for you,
because you wouldn’t have it any other way


Primalnights says:

That’s cool

Oloriel says:

Very uplifting, it sounds like a battlycry of strenght and belief in pushing forward.

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