{June 27, 2013}   That First Night

i remember that first night
just like it was yesterday,
it was quiet
enough to hear your heart beating in time with mine
your eyes were tired but the sparkle remained
because it never leaves you,
it was freezing that first night
your hands should have felt like ice
but they burned fire instead
sending shockwaves through my starved body
trembling desire
curling my toes,
there was this one moment when I looked at you
your eyes greedy on my face
maybe looking for a sign,
evidence of the miracle taking place
when you whispered low and urgent against my mouth
it became difficult to tell
where my breath ended and yours began
there was a sacredness to it all that first night,
as if the hand of God Himself came down from above
giving us His seal of approval
i bowed my head that night
in supplication and submission
willing you to take what belonged to you all along
you grinned mischievous-like as we shivered together
secure in the knowledge
that these precious moments of time
are worth everything
while knowing without a doubt
we could get used to this
couple kiss

Monika Amita Bakshi says:

As usual, intense…intense, and intense! šŸ™‚

thank you my sweet xo šŸ˜‰

Such a sensual and intriguing word play. I love the way you make each poem vibrate in excitement!

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