{June 27, 2013}   Sneaking Silent

i snuck outside that night
hot and sticky
slipping out the back
the way i used to do
before it all turned upside down
and the child became the adult
sleeping in that same old bed
sneaking silent all bare feet and legs, falling into you
there was a humming in the air
and i could find you blindfolded at the mere thought of your scent
crickets rubbed their hands together in gleeful anticipation
but nothing could cover the crackle and spark
inevitable and always
at your slightest suggestion
and after you showed me the heavens
i tucked away a glimmer of stardust
to get me through
till that next sticky night


I love the words falling into you! Very cool.

I know you think of my plight now and then. If you’d like read the comment from Catnip on this post. An excellent turn of events for me and her.
you don’t need to comment or whatever, not asking that, I just know you think of it from time to time. Its like were friends! Very cool.

wow – so emotive – i could feel the heat of the night and the intensity of feeling

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