{June 24, 2013}   A Day Late (And A Gazillion Dollars Short)


There should be a video here; if the link doesn’t work because I did it wrong then it’s well worth the effort it takes to copy and paste that sucker and watch a few minutes of Mr. Whedon fighting a one-eyed monster as written by a kid in ‘Scary Smash’.
How could I forget?
How in the world is it possible that I forgot the Birthday of my Mental Mentor, The One, The Only, The Great Mr. Joss Whedon?

Yesterday, June 23rd, was Joss Whedon’s Birthday.
You know Joss Whedon.

Creative Genius?
Wordsmith Extraordinaire?
Creator of Awesome?
Best Character Builder in the existence of Character Building?
Person voted Most Likely To Break Your Heart By Killing Off Your Favorite Character?
Possibly also The Wisest Writer In The History Of Writers?

There’s nothing my little self could write to pay proper homage to a humble Genius such as Joss Whedon, so I shall simply say Happy Birthday Sir Joss, the grateful(ly growing) masses Thank You for the Gift of your words.
Oh and one more very important piece of advice from The Man Himself:
always be urself

All hail Joss! He is quite the man.
And i love the video (which linked perfectly :))

Joss is Boss 😉
I’m so happy the video linked, he can do anything! 😀
but seriously folks, he’s done a few ‘acting’ gigs; don’t know if you heard of the webseries “Husbands” but Joss plays a sports agent for a gay baseball player, it’s so funny- oh, did you see Cabin In The Woods? They’re making a Cabin In The Woods ride at Disney World in September- Joss isn’t just ours anymore, he belongs to the world, or as he wrote for Dr Horrible “the world is a mess and i just need to rule it”
I scare myself sometimes with the amount of Whedon stuff up in this here brain 😉

Thanks for letting some of that Joss stuff leak out, you are showing me the wider greatness of the man!

it makes me really happy to know that, for reals yo (as the kids on the street say :P)

This is awesome, I love Joss, I pretty much have loved everything he’s done and I’ve been following him since I used to watch Buffy and Angel every week. Anyway thought this was cool, wanted to comment on that fact.

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