{June 17, 2013}   Clean Sheets And Chocolate~A Tower Story~3

fluffy bed
I’d kill for some clean sheets.
Fresh-out-of-the-dryer soft-cotton bed sheets made of the highest thread count possible.
And one of those foamy pillows that you sink into like those fluffy clouds in childhood pictures of Heaven.
“And also,” I said to Mal,”a pony.”
He just opened his mouth in a huge kitty-yawn then promptly fell back asleep.
Looking at the feral feline who’d adopted me a few months ago I thought of how much more useful a pony would’ve been rather than a cat and shook away the thought. The scrawny little fur ball had wandered into my tower and kept me sane after I took off on my own. I adored that purry furry pain in the ass.
He kept my feet warm at night plus he didn’t ask me a million questions like the kid.
I don’t know why I let the kid get to me.
He still wouldn’t talk about himself and flat out refused to tell me his name but I cut him some slack, it was obvious he’d been through something traumatizing and he couldn’t be more than 15 or so.
I made him a cozy corner to call his own on the level below me for now and told him I had to call him something so until he told me his name I was calling him Kid.
“With a capital K,” I said.
He just scowled in reply and went off to his borrowed personal space for some shut eye. He stopped at the steps and without turning around he mumbled, “Thanks”, then ran up the spiral staircase.
A strong gust of wind blew though the room interrupting my thoughts as the cold rain outside began to turn into sleet pinging off the windows I’d left half open.
The ocean sounds helped me fall asleep.
This was my first winter living in the tower. It was my first winter since the end of the world and I was beginning to question my choice of Home Sweet Home.
An abandoned Fire Tower is a great heat-beater come summertime but I hadn’t been warm since October.
The winds coming in off the Atlantic Ocean seemed never-ending and there weren’t enough blankets in Cape May to keep me warm.
Mal must have been dreaming he was eating because his little mouth was moving, making little smacking sounds as if he had a bowl of cream in front of him.
If only I could sleep like a cat instead of this nightly tossing and turning.
As tired as I was my brain wouldn’t stop.
First I tried counting sheep and when that didn’t work I started counting up all the things I’d wish for if I had a magic genie.
The only thing I was able to think of though was that feeling of warm soft cotton sliding against my skin and the weighty feeling of a thick down comforter.
2010-09-30 15.12.50IMG_20110519_135447
I dreamed I was sitting at the head of a mile-long table enjoying Afternoon Tea.
Three-tiered trays piled high with tiny little finger-sandwiches made of cucumber and minted cream cheese on homemade bread cut into triangles with the crusts cut off, delicate shrimp-salad sandwiches on miniature croissants rivaled platters of pastries and scones. Lemon squares dusted with the finest powdered sugar sat next to raspberry cheesecake bites and tiny half-dollar sized tarts filled with chocolate mousse. Petite petit-fours covered in pale pastel fondant were arranged around the edges of each tier.
A huge bowl of clotted-cream sat next to steaming pots of hot tea and a plate of assorted cakes topped with inch-thick chocolate frosting with my name etched on top were at my fingertips.
As I brought a bite-sized chocolate brownie slathered with peanut-butter icing to my mouth it turned to dust and slipped through my fingers into a dirty pile on the floor.
The mound of dust grew in size until it filled the room turning it into a large expanse of sand and I woke up to a sandstorm blowing in off the beach through the window I’d left open earlier in the hopes the storm would lull me to sleep.
A groan slipped out of my mouth startling Mal and he hissed his disapproval as I disturbed his cat-nap.
He promptly went back to sleep after a cat-stretch long enough to cross his eyes.
The moon was full tonight and according to a Farmer’s Almanac I found when I was rummaging through Swain’s Hardware Store it was called a Full Worm Moon, something to do with earthworms and robins.
I hadn’t seen many birds in the sky since the end of the world became a reality rather than a future-fear.
I went back to sleep hoping to dream of chocolate.
2010-09-30 12.11.04


Sounds delightful.

What could be better than chocolate by the sea ? Especially if it’s the end of the world 😀

Primalnights says:

Sounds like your an interesting person.:-)

I really love your visual descriptions. The food looks delicious and you captures Mal’s movements and moods perfectly

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