{June 16, 2013}   Daily Prompt ~ Words ~ A Piece Of History

2010-10-25 11.55.41 This is a piece of the North Tower, a symbol of the strength and resilience of We The People. We will never forget.

AUTHORS NOTE: There is a park at the end of the street where I live. It’s a nice sized park, with a pond in the middle where a person can fish if so inclined, a playground area for the little ones and a baseball field used mainly for the Little Leaguers. It’s large enough for twice-a-year carnivals and, whenever the occasion calls for it, fireworks displays extravagant enough that I only need to walk outside and look up. Right in the middle of the park there is a War Memorial dedicated to those who served and lost their lives in numerous wars. As beautiful as it is, it pains me to see the 9-11 Memorial, a constant reminder of how ugly life can get.
We lost three from our town, which is, sadly, a small number compared to all the lives lost that day.

2010-10-25 11.54.47


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