{June 16, 2013}   Daily Prompt ~ Bookworm~ Buffy ~ The Making Of A Slayer


I guess it should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that the book I’m currently reading is the book when it comes to all things Buffy. Written by Nancy Holder, who has also written a slew of books, both fiction and non-fiction about, among other things, the genius that comes from the squishy frontal lobe of The Man Himself, Joss Whedon.
Chock full of goodies, this hardcover collectors edition brings you deep into the BuffyVerse, offering insight into the characters and mythology of the SlayerVerse as well as following the evolution of Buffy and her Scooby Gang throughout the Seasons. Included inside is a black envelope stuffed with extras entitled Slayer Lore:Texts and Magicks for the Battle, a must for any hardcore Buffy fan such as myself. Copies of Spells, Prophecies, and a map of Sunnydale are among some of the goodies as well as my own personal favorite, a shadow caster used in Season 7 Episode 15 ‘Get It Done’. To say anymore would be doing a disservice to the author and the reader; there are a lot of Buffy books out there, but this is the best of the lot, including a Forward written by Amber Benson, the actress who played Tara on the show.
inside buffy bookbuffygilesbook

inside buffy book stuffGRRR ARGH!!!


Sounds like à fun read

It’s a great book for any Buffy fan plus all those nifty extras are so much fun too 😀
the author is a really good writer too, it’s a win/win 🙂

I’m off to Amazon to buy a copy of this! Thanks for introducing me to it 🙂

oh it’s an amazing book! There’s another set of books you might be interested in ( sorry I’m still trying to master the art of linking 😉 anyway there are 3 volumes called The Watchers Guide, I got my copies from Amazon and only paid a few dollars (pounds? quids? tuppence???) for each one….believe me my friend, there are soooooooo many books on the show that really dive into the show and it’s themes concerning things such as philosophy, spirituality, and oh! this website called slayage ( where you can read other peoples papers, thesis, etc written by people who study the show and see? obsessed 😀

oooh! check me out! i think the links are there! yay me! 😀

the buffyverse seems to as infinitely large and varied as the universe itself. And I am merelty sat on the earth, peering through my telescope as point out the brightest points among its immeasurable wonders.
So like thanks for that. And your linking works just fine!

anytime you need a star or planet pointed out i’m right here 😀

Andy says:

You show a passion Ms B.

passion, obsession, whichever word fits, when it comes to Buffy I’m all in 😀

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