{June 15, 2013}   Chivalry Is Alive And Well ~ Lizzie And James Series

AUTHORS NOTE: James and Lizzie, well, mostly Lizzie, won’t shut up. They know there’s an apocalypse going on over by the Tower and they still won’t shut up. My Muse is also getting annoyed and an angry muse can get ugly. Don’t even ask about Persephone, the wrath of Gods and all that. So please to enjoy a little Lizzie and James while the rest of them duke it out in my overcrowded head.
The night my band almost played at a strip club was the same night James sank his teeth into my heart.
Metaphorically speaking that is.
It was silly really, but there was something about his chivalrous ways that kicked my girl-genes into high gear.
My band was scheduled to go on around 11pm but load-in was a few hours earlier and I found myself standing alone in a parking lot filled with bikers just as the sun set.
The room we were playing in was very small and confining. From the amount of cat-calls I  got just walking through the parking lot, I knew the potential for trouble was getting more likely as the night went on.
The guys in my band had planted themselves at the bar, each of them with a thick pile of dollars for the dancers, each of them telling me not to go outside by myself. Of course this only had me out the door faster. They wouldn’t even notice I was gone, tequila shots and strippers would ensure that.
I had to elbow my way through a small crowd of self proclaimed bad-ass bikers congregated at the bottom of the stairs leading to the parking lot in the back. I bit my lip to stop myself from telling them to fuck off as they leered at me. There’s a building full of naked women but these assholes decided to target fully dressed me.
Fully dressed in head to toe leather and I was having a good hair day but still, they pissed me off. The smelled rank, for one thing. This enhanced smelly vampire thing sucked sometimes.
I took a deep unnecessary breath and ignored them by way of fidgeting with my cigarette case, stopping a few feet away from the herd to light a smoke. Before I could even flick my bic an unfamiliar male voice called after me.
“Hey babe, want some of this?”
I stopped dead in my tracks and turned incredulous at the lameness that fell out of his mouth. Then the wannabe biker grabbed himself between his legs as he licked his lips. His wannabe friends fell into pack mentality and followed his lead, laughing and wolf whistling at me.
Without a word I calmly slipped my cigarette case in the back pocket of my black leather pants and walked toward dickwad and his lame ass crew.
Fuck this.
I was pissed at my band for heading straight for the strippers when we still hadn’t written up the set list. And would it kill them to act the least bit concerned about my safety in a seedy strip club? They don’t know I’m a vampire, it’s not like they know I don’t punch like a girl. And doesn’t anyone have any manners anymore?
Yeah, I was working myself up into a fury and I could not in any way shape or form, stop myself.
I was gonna hit him.
This fucking asshole was about to take the fall for every little thing that pissed me off lately. My point of vision narrowed as I stared him down, step by step I clenched and unclenched my fists, wondering if I should go with a solid kick but my fists were tingling and wanted in.
Instinct took over and I swung hard, connecting. Unfortunately James chose that instant to step out of the shadows and come to my rescue.
That’s how I wound up punching James in the mouth.
The chivalrous part, the part where my girl-genes kicked into overdrive, that part came next.
I didn’t even care that my band got kicked out of the bar before we even played. James more than made up for it in the equipment room at his club later that night.


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