{June 7, 2013}   Long Way From Home ~ Lyrics

AUTHORS NOTE: some of my lyrics I’ve been meaning to post since last week before i went off on a tangent…one of these days i’m gonna figure out how to upload or download or sideload or whatever kinda load is needed to get my damn songs here instead of just the words…until then, please to enjoy some lyrics from a Bullet Train song- i’m so silly i don’t even remember which cd it’s on- bad bad lead singer girl.

I’m a long way from home
and i’m tired of being alone
if someone would give me another chance
i think i could make it, if i could fake it
so Mama please won’t you make it clear
and tell me how did i wind up here
you know it’s nothing like i thought it would be
i thought that i would’ve made it without feeling jaded

Once you sat me on your knee
and told me life’s a mystery
just waiting for me to walk by
to try to keep me way down, low to the ground
so Mama please say a prayer for me
and i’m sure the good Lord will agree
that i could use all the help i could get
to get me out of this mess
here i am more or less
a long way from home
i’m a long way from home

Cough syrup and cigarettes
at three in the morning
there’s gotta be a better way to take this ride
i’m sweating inside
a long way from home
i’m a long way from home
road to cape may


Andy says:

Bullet Train is the name of your group?

yeah, bullet train’s us, or we, or yes you are correct sir πŸ˜€
we’re one of those old fashioned rock and roll bands lol, not sure what your music preference is but we’re sometimes described as guy-rock with a chick singer, ha! we do all our own songs but throw a cover in now and then but never will i sing a chick band song, it’s just a thing, guy-rock is better πŸ˜€ Lets just say my brother brought me back a Kinks single by the name of Lola (original lyrics and all) when i was 10 years old and that set me on my love of all things British, especially music (though I’m an old school punk rocker at heart we don’t play punk stuff, my band is too good,lol- and i mean the musicians in the band are top notch- when we play anyway, lol) uh, i did it again, babble. uh, yes, bullet train is our name πŸ˜€

Andy says:

I like all kinds of music. Old blues (my wife hates it) rock, country, even classical. I will even own up to a guilty pleasure in Abba, cheesy lyrics and all. From childhood I’ve been a big John Lennon and Beatles fan, and I would say my favourite period would be late 60’s to early 70’s, incorporating Beatles, Doors, Kinks, (yes love Lola) Dylan, Stones, etc
And then there is the later music from my hometown-Smiths, Oasis, Stone Roses, Courteeners, etc. Lots of influence, all related.

I feel this way right now, Joanne.

awww Andra, virtual hugs and warm thoughts and remember, we are home right here in a way πŸ™‚ xx

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