{June 5, 2013}   Floating

turtle float
it’s poking it’s head up again
getting ready to rear the ugly
i can feel it without even so much as a glance at a calendar, it’s time
time for a bit of the wibbly wobbly
time to show who’s really boss cause it sure as hell ain’t us
time to remind us who really holds the strings and yanks those chains
we flip and flop in-between the floating
it makes those absences easy-peasy, swallow-tolerant
so buckle up baby, the waters look choppy ahead
but we can ride that stinging foam straight on through without a hitch
brush off the mangled threads of string and sail on
cause baby, when we can,
we can float


Good lunch and smooth sailing I think!

i’m a’trying but you know how bumpy things can get šŸ˜€

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