{June 3, 2013}   Escape~ An Attempt at BTVS FanFic

AUTHORS NOTE: Fanfiction isn’t my usual forte but I’m making an exception here just because.
But when I’m headed toward this place I’m trying to avoid aka Depression Land nothing makes me feel better than the BuffyVerse. I wrote a little ditty that falls under the heading of fanfiction, a little longer than a drabble, anyway I decided to dig it up, dust it off and play with it a bit, for the love of Buffy and for my own sanity’s sake. This is a little peek into what Buffy’s up to in the beginning of Season Nine (the canon comic continuation of the television show, written by the same writers). Anything that might appear spoilery may or may not be because, fanfic and comics, not show, difference yes? No? Possibly? Also I own nothing at all because Joss Whedon owns everything that matters in the whole wide world,Buffy and the Scoobies belong to him, I’m just playing in his backyard. A little.
She spends a lot of time on the fire escape these days.
The apartment always feels crowded, and the fire escape is the only place she can be alone with her thoughts.
She knows they’re lucky they found an affordable place to live in San Francisco and she’s grateful for the company, especially when she wakes up screaming. But lately she feels like a third-wheel.
“Don’t be stupid Buffy, it’s not like Xander and me can’t keep our hands off each other.” Dawn voice floated around stacks of books and boxes yet to be unpacked. Junior Watcher little sis was way past the Junior level.
“Xander and I,” Buffy automatically corrected, “and stupid-Buffy is the only Buffy I’ve been lately Dawnie.”
“Don’t be so hard on yourself Buff, you’ve been stupid-Buffy for way longer than lately.” Dawn snickered. “Look how long it took you to figure out Xander and me’ve been making hot monkey-love.”
“I’m still older than you Dawn, stop rubbing my lack-of-sex-life in my face.”
“I’m still taller than you Buffy, stop rubbing my- wait… I’m so not even going to try and finish that sentence. I sense a gigantic ewww down that road.”
Dawn leaned over Buffy, slumped down on the couch that served as her bed. Dawn kissed the top of her head and Buffy tried to muster up something, anything, as she continued to stare at the television.
“Hey Buff, I hear the tv works better if you turn it on. Just sayin’.”
Dawn sighed. She hated seeing her sister so down, it worried her.
Not in an I-hope-my-sister-doesn’t-try-to-kill-all-our-friends worried way, but still, a little on the worried side of the road.
If only Willow would come back from wherever the hell she went this time.
“G’night sis,” Dawn leaned into Buffy and hugged her tighter than usual. “I’m off to make hot monkey-lo-”
“Go!” Buffy rolled her eyes at her sister’s attempts to make her laugh and gave Dawn a gentle push towards the bedroom.
“Give Xander a goodnight kiss for me,” she joked.
Dawn looked over her shoulder with narrowed eyes and tripped over a stack of research books she’d been unpacking earlier, landing flat on her ass. A mumbled “Owww!”Β Β followed by a stompΒ into the bedroom where Xander was probably already asleep by now.
“Great, my annoying sister gets the guy and I get the fire escape. Same shit different city. And still Buffy remains in a perpetual state of love-lifelessness.
Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Same as it ever was.
“Hot chicks with superpowers my ass,” Buffy muttered as she tried to ignore the rush of Faith-feelings and all they entailed.

Everything was so bloody complicated and fuck you Spike for giving me potty mouth, she thought to herself.
Sighing, Buffy grabbed her denim jacket and headed to the window overlooking the fire escape.
So she wasn’t the Chosen One anymore. Big deal. She should be used to it by now.
It was, for the most part, a relief to not be solely responsible for the world, to have an army of Slayers worldwide was a blessing really.
So why did she feel so alone?
She’d made it her own, that little bit of escape outside the window. A cozy corner where she could spot the odd vampire or two or just lay back and look at the stars and think about all those things she should’ve done differently.
Back when time almost seemed like a friend. Or at least an acquaintance.
Now each day was just something else to get through.
She missed Spike, it was as simple as that.
Buffy slipped out the window.
At least some things never change.


Would love to read this but cant risk the spoilers. i guess i should read the comics next then?

Is there such a thing as unspoiling without spoiling? I hesitated for hours about posting this and wrote it very carefully as to keep it as spoiler-free as possible; here’s the deal- it’s such a teeny tiny relationship spoiler that has nothing to do with Buffy but instead has to do with who Xander is dating…also, it’s AU Buffy Fanfic which means it goes off-canon a little bit; I just grabbed some Buffy images off the internet, not from any specific comics and not particularly the Joss-approved comics (there ten megabazillion BTVS comics out there that are not Joss canon comics) so there’s no intended hidden spoilers in the pics, I just needed pics that just a peek at what Buffy might be thinking/feeling is all. There’s another one I’m working on set during Lies My Parents Told Me; I’ll finish it and post that one. Yes read the comics of course but I’ve given nothing away other than who Xander is involved with. He’s not even in this, just mentioned by _______. (that would be the spoilery part) πŸ˜€

well if it’s just a ickle teen spoilerette then i’ll give it a read. and yes i must get my hands on the post-TV comics, but i will limit myself to JW stuff. For now πŸ™‚

yay!!! Here’s what I’m doing- I read all of season 8 (@40 issues/episodes) and have been buying season 9 but not reading it until I have them all so I can read them all together; because after S8 they begin to do spinoffs in addition to S9, like little mini-series for diff characters, all Joss approved- all the other comics are just for when I’m Buffy-desperate (the non-Joss ones) but there are a few I’d recommend but that’s for later down the road πŸ˜‰

40 issues?!??!?? I’d better get started then! Little did i know what i was getting into when i entered the Buffyverse!

(evil doctor horrible laugh) oh you have no idea (rubs hands together with evil glee- is there such a thing as evil glee?)

i’ve never watched Glee but people seem to think it’s pretty evil πŸ™‚

Ha!!! I’ve seen one episode of Glee because (say it with me) Joss Whedon directed one episode (Season 1 episode 19 called Dream On with Neil Patrick Harris) have you ever heard NPH sing? Oh that would mean you would have seen Dr Horribles Sing-A-Long Blog πŸ˜‰ (evil-glee hands again) You will find, as you begin to delve deeper into the WhedonVerse, it is a very incestuous Verse, there is a pool of Joss actors that he loves fishing from- Vi from BTVS is in DrHorrible as is Caleb, even Sarah Michelle Gellar makes a cameo and I’m sorry, I turn into a Whedon-nerd pretty easily πŸ˜€

you are drawing me in…. but hey im not taking much persuading πŸ™‚

it’s all an evil plan from The Evil League Of Evil to turn the world into Whedonites πŸ˜‰
oh and if you get a moment, go to youtube and look for well, you can copy and paste that link unless my experiment just worked and i was able to add the link to less than 2 minutes of Dr Horrible stuff to lure you in further (insert evil laugh here, the one that Neil Patrick Harris does in the clip here so run, watch! so you can hear the evil laugh!)

How can turning everyone into whedonites be an *evil* plan?

so now i HAVE to get hold of the series 8 stuff. 2 days after the Hellmouth folded in and i am suffering withdrawal. Seriously, Ive spent the last year watching it from beginning to end and i miss it

Once The Joss gets his grips in you then you are his serf forever, ok maybe not you and I’m just projecting πŸ˜€ but damn he can create a World! There’s sooooo much more out there too; Season 8 can be bought as a single collection (I think it’s one hardcover but you can also get it in trade form where there’s a bunch in each book so you don’t have to go hunting for each separate episode/issue) BUT there’s also a comic you should read either before starting S8 called “Fray”- you don’t have to but it would help you understand some things in S8 even though it was published while BTVS was still on the air- Joss thinks far ahead- so when do you want to start your first official rewatch? i’m in πŸ˜€

I ebayed yesterday and saw the hardback of S8 but wasnt sure if that was the whole thing or not. I guess it is then, so i think i will get hold of that.
And thanks for warning me about Fray, I’d best find that too. I am truly a Whedon serf!
I will be buying the box soon, so will let you know when i rewind to S1 Ep1 πŸ™‚

I don’t know why there’s no ‘reply’ thing where I wanted to reply so i’m replying here- yay! i’m going to reread them (season 8) to refresh my memory and say the word and it’s season 1 ep 1 ~ also, and this is not a spoiler- Fray has the scythe (because it takes place well into the future so yay! tie-ins to now!!!

Cant wait to expand and to reexplore the Bverse πŸ™‚

love it,

I like this, “Everything was so bloody complicated and fuck you Spike for giving me potty mouth, she thought to herself”

for some reason it just cracked me up! Very good πŸ™‚

yay!!! ahem, I mean thank you πŸ˜€

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