{May 31, 2013}   Sometimes She Gently Weeps

she sits there
nearly weeping and headed for broken
missing the caress of his fingers flying
hard and fast
soft and easy
she takes whatever he dishes out
and he makes her scream
if so inclined
she always gives him what he wants
he takes her places
the lowest of lows
the highest of highs
that rough and tumble rush
never far behind

he’s been neglecting her
walks by too often
weeks into months unavoidable
she simmers

she feels the longing in his more frequent glances
tries to lure him with her beauty and curves
silently willing him to take her in his arms
waiting for the chains to break as rust flakes into dusty piles

she yearns for his touch always
her back against the wall ever patient

his fingers linger gentle as he passes by more often these days
enough to let her know she’s in his thoughts if not his hands
she will stay there
for him to bring her to life again
creating perfect harmony


He is with you a lot in your words and feelings shown. I hope you find a happy ending and that it will encompass so much more of the rest of your life. He is missed, his fingers on the guitar… such a sweet story told in this!

but, but, but it’s a guitar i’m talking about I swear!!! (crosses fingers behind back and tries to convince herself it’s all about the guitar 😉 ) thank you for my first heartfelt smile of the day xx

I know that feeling. My guitar weeps on a regular basis. Never enough hours in the day for my old friend.

oh honey, truer words have never been writer, there is never enough time to do all the good stuff we want to do and i should have guessed you play guitar! How do you do it my friend? How do you find the time to live when you’re a real writer like you are? I tip my hat to you dear Paige, you are amazing! ❤

That’s the problem, I don’t have much time for anything else. I keep my guitar on a stand beside my desk and pick it up when I need to mellow out, mostly. It’s like meditation for me. Music’s a great tool for writer’s block.

very true, although i don’t play much myself i do find myself singing songs out of nowhere, a few verses and a chorus and i can turn it into a poem or something or other, or sometimes its the other way around…whatever works my sweet ❤

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