{May 31, 2013}   Further Adventures Of Me And My Muse!~ Getting There

lamppppwood handmirrorgoldeyes
AUTHORS NOTE: If I haven’t mentioned it clearly, my little Muse adventures are puzzle pieces to a big old puzzle I’m working on in that super secret underground bunker I have, in a undisclosed location of course. All will become clear my lovelies, I’m just dropping snippets here and there as I weave everything together in that underground bunker. I just thought perhaps I should let you know that there’s more to the Muse than meets the eye. I’m being careful because- spoilers- let’s just say Catt’s (yes, she has a name! yay!) Muse has a habit of disappearing. Like a lot. Let’s join Catt as her Muse returns. Again.)
“Ooooh, I know! Let’s have a girls night! We’ll watch a movie and if you’re good we can have a pillow fight!”
My muse appears unannounced, a white flag waving enthusiastically in each hand. Each flag turns into a pompom then disappears.
“Truce,” she states simply then gives me a curtsy.

A bottle of champagne sits in an ice-filled bucket awaiting our attention. She strides across the living room and sinks into my sofa.
I just watch her.

“Come on,” she pats the couch and waves me over, “it’s already begun. Chocolate?”
She gestures toward the coffee table, now groaning under the weight of an array of chocolate treats.
She knows how to get to me.

I decide to play along.
“What’s the occasion?”
I don’t know how I kept the tone in my voice so casual when I wanted to strangle her. Figuratively speaking, I quickly thought. Just in case she was doing that weird mind-reading thing she sometimes does. So unfair I can’t do that, it would simple up an awful lot of things.
Instead of strangling her I sit next to her. Flies and honey and all that.
Hating to let so much good chocolate go to waste I grab a few Reeses Minis and pop them in my mouth. I let the chocolate melt away leaving me to savor the creamy peanut butter center.

“It’s the End Times you know,” she says matter-of-factly, “we’ve been waiting ages for this. Although you know, donuts really are more apocalypse-friendly, less chance of melting in your hands.”
She looks down her nose at the chocolate-heavy table and lets out a distasteful sniff. I intentionally suck the melted chocolate from my fingers while peering at her from the corner of my eye. She was staring at nothing intently. Ignoring me. I hate being ignored.
“Uh, 2012’s been and gone. The Mayans lost, no end times.”

I pop another Reeses Mini in my mouth. Chocolate and peanut butter beat donuts any day in my book.
She continues to ignore me.
I think of Buffy and the Scoobies and all the donuts they went through. They never seemed to gain weight though, well, except for Xander.
“How many bakeries do they have in Sunnydale anyway?”
I mumble the words around a sudden mouthful of jelly-donut and wonder who I’d have to fight to eat the last one. I hate jelly-donuts but sometimes I can’t help thinking like a Scoobie. Why did my mind have to pick
now to go off on a Buffy-tangent.

“Pay attention if you want to learn anything,” she snaps.”And shut your pie-hole, it’s about to start.”
“What’s about to start?”
The jelly-donuts had turned back into yummy chocolate goodness so I ignore her snark.
“The Beginning Of The End,” she announces with a hand twirl. “This one’s going to be a guaranteed blockbuster chica! Oscar worthy!”
Her normally dark eyes changed, swirled shades of gold mixed with miniscule flecks of fire.
“I hate that fake Hollywood star shit.”
The look she shot me should have burned a hole through me I swear.
“You puny humans are all stars in your own puny little worlds, now catch.”

She tosses me a beautifully carved ivory hand-mirror.
A jumble of words scroll across the reflective surface like the credits at the start of a blockbuster movie.
I make out a few familiar names in the cast of characters.
“Hey! I know them! What are they doing in my movie?” I ask her.
“It’s the Apocalypse,” she sneers, “there’s room for everyone.”

world in handplanetdjinn hand

to be continued…


I anxiously await the continuation …meanwhile I will retire in my lamp for a good nights rest!

My muse thanks you as do I πŸ˜€
I know from experience I mean I’ve heard those lamps can be awfully cozy so at least I know you’ll be comfy while you wait. If you see any tiny little bottles in there, be careful, djinn-lamps are awesome but it’s those bottles of djinn that you have to worry about πŸ˜‰

Haha! Djinn in bottles don’t last too long at lamp light parties! πŸ™‚

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