{May 30, 2013}   Ain’t It Funny How It Turned Out

AUTHORS NOTE: So here’s another song I wrote for my band…one night we had this gig and in the middle of the set I noticed my ex was there watching me fronting my own band, just like he used to do. When he was alive I mean. We were each other’s true-love-forever for years, also each other’s first relationship and that story gets an entire book but the point is he’s been dead around ten years but he visits me from time to time still, I guess he figured he’d stop by to check it out since it was the old neighborhood and all. Anyway this song wrote itself the next day. I talk too much.
I feel you slip into my mind like a one-way trip to paradise
sneaking past your Mama’s room ’cause you never could take her advice
she told you I was dangerous, I was taking you for a ride
that the only thing I’d do for you was tear you up inside
ain’t it funny how it turned out

leather jacket Mustang love, we were parking by the corner bar
foggy windows concrete angels took it just a bit too far
when the cops brought down your door that night you took the fall
I guess you really meant those things you told me after all
ain’t it funny how it turned out, I’m looking down at you

insatiable an appetite habitually bored
even though I left you still I left you wanting more
“Angie” on the radio would always make you cry
I thought you really meant it when you said your last goodbye
ain’t it funny how it turned out, I’m looking down at you
ain’t it funny how it turned out, I’m looking round for you


I had a band. It was so much fun! I loved that you write lyrics.

you did!!! what did you do? my band has been on hiatus for the past year or so due to me being in caretaker mode but I’m the singer/songwriter in the band ; that’s actually me in the one photo, the chick in black singing her heart out,lol, one of our incarnations anyway, it’s so hard to find a drummer good enough, i’m a drummer-snob because for some reason when I sing i follow the drums- if the drummer and i don’t mesh then its on to find another drummer,lol
did you play out a lot? I’ve done gigs in near empty rooms and I’ve done gigs in front of thousands of people literally at an outdoor event and everything inbetween- funny thing is, I was too scared to audition for the school play because I didn’t want to sing in front of anyone lol…writing lyrics is so much fun!

I was a front man but I play guitar as well. Our group was called Odessa. We played about a million college proms, clubs, whatever. We opened for a Top Forty band called Pablo Criuse during their worlds away tour and at one point when their base player and they were in a fight I stood in the band for about 2 months singing while they worked it out. Anyway I loved it. I still play guitar.

Oloriel says:

This was very sad to read, I thank you for your courage to pour your soul to lyrics.

thank you for reading and commenting! i find the best lyrics come when i don’t think about what anyone might think and just let it flow 🙂

I believe in spirits, ghosts and this was such a special visit. I agree your being close to where you used to play and he would have been there, that was him. He is looking down at you, what an angel looking over your shoulder. Good and bad moments make this song real.

i really felt him there that night, i believe with everything in me in spirits and ghosts myself and he was there more than once…he watched out for me when he was alive and i believe he still is….

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