{May 28, 2013}   This Is A Public Service Announcement (aka Rant Time Again)

I’m going slightly mad.
Now before your get your panties in a knot I am not trying to take credit for that line, the One and Only Freddie Mercury used that line in a song of the same title.
(a moment of silence for the genius that was Freddie Mercury- another one gone too soon)
I could write down all the lines of that song right here right now, but that would be wrong. (Even though the lyrics are an apt description of my current state of mind.)
I could write down all the lines of a song I’ve written myself called ‘Dancing With Dementia’.(And I just may do that in another post.)

Instead I will give a virtual scream as I contemplate the road before me. (insert really loud angsty-type scream here.)

I’ve mentioned before that I have severe time management problems. I wish I could say I’m getting it under control but nope, it’s getting worse.
Somehow, someway, the people in my immediate life seem to think that I’m Gumby.
I am pulled in more directions than actually exist. I am Wonder Women without superpowers which leaves me a woman who wonders how the hell I’m going to juggle everything I need to juggle and still find time for my own damn self.

My phone rings thirteen thousand two hundred forty nine and a half times per day.
That would be a modest estimate.

It’s all “Joanne can you do _____ for me?”, “Joanne can you take me ______ right now?”, “Joanne how do I _____?”, “Joanne did you finish _____ yet?”, “Joanne when will you be able to _____?”, “Joanne why didn’t you _____ yet?” “Does this look clean enough?” “How does this taste?” “What do you think I should eat?” “Did you see my glasses?” “Could you get me a beer?” “Did you/could you/will you/can you/why didn’t you/when will you”, I think you get my point.

I don’t want to bore you with the details (a little late for that, huh?), mostly because the phone just rang again while I was writing this sentence and my train of thought went flying out the window.

See what I mean?

I’m a weird mixture of a Type A personality and a Type B personality.
Does that mean I’m Type A- or possibly Type B+ ?
Is there a whole entire new personality Type, say, a Type J personality as in J for jerk because I am a resentful doormat? A people pleaser? An optimistic idiot? A pessimistic Pollyanna?

I’m in a world of wacky and I still worry about disappointing people.
I wonder if I will ever worry about people disappointing me?

Oh yeah, the public service announcement part; I’m sorry if I don’t get to things around here in a timely manner.
It’s not my usual modus operandi.
It also makes me cranky when I give my word which then gets smashed to smithereens because I’m everything to everybody these days.
I fear it may get to the point where my word means nothing and that, my friends, is one of my biggest worries.
When I say something I mean it.

Unfortunately my life has been abducted and I see no horizon, just endless choppy waves trying to kick my ass and keep me from my own desires, one of which is writing.

Look, this is what it all boils down to: if I don’t get my hands on a Tardis or any kind of time machine and soon, I may start screaming and never stop.
(But if I do get a time machine than ‘soon’ is just relative, right?)

Oh man, I need _______. (because I’m in such a kerfuffle I don’t even know what ______ is.)

Nothing worse than an aimless rant.
Sorry about that chief.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programing.


Lol. Aimless it was not.

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