{May 28, 2013}   Good Old Summer Time

waiting for the finally
longer than i’d care to admit
though my hackles rise on occasion
when the in-between times stretch out longer than expected

because it crackles between us
lightening-like and out of the blue
jolts me alive and i can breathe again
though it puzzles me, how it goes unnoticed
another side effect of invisibility i suppose
one of those mixed blessing things I’ve read about in books

it confuses me sometimes
your push-pull back-and-forths
then i remember you built a room inside your head
just for me,
and i wonder if you know about the one i built for you
it never even occurred to me you’d care
because i don’t know this game
and the rules are on a sliding scale

it teases at me though
like that first day of summer when the sweat drips down the back of your neck
or that late summer heat wave all crouched down on your front porch
it all rolls into one continuous wave of delightful anticipation

i can smell it now
just a hint of it there in the back of my throat
like honey dripping down
with maybe a dash of something spicy
too elusive to pin down,

just another thing we have in common
it’s when you tickle my senses without even trying
that’s when the shiver kicks in
to remind me what i’m waiting for


Love it. It crackles between us, what a cool line. I loved it!

Charming! great pics too!

btw – that gravatar is the best ever! that is a woman who is comfortable with herself. super.

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