{May 27, 2013}   Hit Or Miss

Love doesn’t conquer all
or move mountains
it doesn’t fill your pockets with gold
or the sky with rainbows
no happy ever after
is guaranteed
not even for the briefest of moments
there is no manual
no cliff notes or cheat sheets
love has no brains
no thought process to explain the inner workings
yet still we fumble through
looking for a connection of some sort
looking for a spark however inconvenient
love gets in the way
trips you up and holds on tight
no fortress ever made is strong enough
no lock can keep it out
with a will of it’s own it will sweep away the dust
and rush through your veins to keep the blood flowing
it pounds and wails and screams your name
you can fight and howl and fly away fast
but love will follow to the deepest corners
nipping at your heels
betraying your wishes
destroying your control
reducing you to the basics
confusing the mainstream
without a drop of regret or a backwards glance
you can put me on a shelf
for all I know you already have
but the residue remains
it gets it’s hooks in
sucking at your blood like a bloated tic
you can toss me away like yesterday’s news
it has no effect when the damage is already done
the song is the same no matter who sings it
sometimes it’s the change in the tone
that can make all the difference
between a hit
and a miss


God, this is so beautiful and exactly what I am going through. Love this.

Thank you so much! why does it have to be like that? sometimes I feel like a ping pong ball, getting whiplash from the back and forths šŸ˜‰

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