{May 25, 2013}   Dinner For One

Took me a minute to realize the loud rumbling sound I heard was my empty belly.

I was getting hungry and it was looking like I was on my own for dinner tonight.
Which was fine with me.
I actually preferred eating alone.
Less pomp-and-circumstance and more yummy for my tummy is the way I think of it.

Usually a group of us would gather together on Friday nights.
Whoever was around and without plans would come over to my place. We’d sit around for awhile arguing over where we’d go for our late-night-dinner. After much debate and disagreement we usually wound up going to the same place anyway. They’d wander in on their own timeline and whoever wasn’t there by 10pm was on their own.

I gave them an extra half hour before I left, fucking inconsiderate bunch if you ask me.
First I was pissed that nobody bothered to let me know they weren’t showing up. Then, ever true to my nature, I worried about them for half a second or so.
Don’t know why I bothered, they were all old enough to know how to stay out of trouble.
Actually there was not a one of them in the bunch who’d bother to worry about me. Each one of them had been selfish assholes all their lives, why would now be any different?

I grabbed my keys and cellphone slipping them in the front pocket of my favorite pair of black skinny jeans. No need for a wallet, I shoved a few bucks in my back pocket then grabbed one of my must-haves, a tube of Chanel Red lipstick then slipped on my Ray Bans.
Yep, I do indeed wear my sunglasses at night, got a problem with that?

It was a refreshing change, going out on my own to feed.
One of those perfect nights that only seem to exist in movies, low-hanging full moon, a slight chill in the air just enough to justify my leather jacket.
I could get used to this whole loner thing.

I cut through Sacred Heart Cemetery and made my way down to this little out-of-the-way place over on Market Street.
It was a new club that had opened up just a few months ago. They’d already built up a decent crowd base. For some unknown reason this town was dripping with talent. They had some really good bands playing every Friday and Saturday night, most of them local, all of them good.

It was kinda funny seeing the New York City crowd coming through the tunnels to see bands in New Jersey, it’d always been the other way around but it worked for me.
More strangers meant less attention.

Me and mine didn’t need any attention in our direction when we were out and about.

I spied a group of obvious out-of-towners make their way inside the club and the wind picked up their scent wafting directly over to me.
My nostrils flared at the sweet smell of human blood.

I was dressed to kill and I followed them inside making eye-contact with a gorgeous couple on a hunt of a different kind.

Going hunting alone had all kinds of perks.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: About three hundred eleventy thousand two hundred and seven clicks ago I went on a graphics hunt…when I realized it was taking me longer to find exactly what I wanted than it did to write these words, coupled with the fact that the winds they are a’blowing aka my fucking internet keeps going out (sorry, some things call for strong language, like when the fucking internet keeps going out), I figured I better settle and click ‘publish’ before my, uh, fucking internet goes out again. eta, nevermind, I like what I settled for


How did your meal actually go. hoped you enjoyed it alone

well actually only part of the meal was alone, the dessert was for three šŸ˜‰

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