{May 24, 2013}   The Last Train

Deciding to ignore my usual motion-sickness I stared out the window of the speeding train as it neared Manhattan.

It was hard not to, contrary to the unenlightened, New Jersey is full of beauty but I wasn’t looking at the passing scenery.

I was looking at The World Trade Center.

I saw it all the time in my daily travels living across the Hudson but it was different seeing it without distraction.

My mind started writing a song as my eyes locked onto the two towers rising over that already breathtaking skyline.

It was one of those all-too-rare moments when the song writes itself.
As if the song was using my hands to write the words down in the ever-present-notebook I pulled out of my bag.

I’d ridden the train into Manhattan alone many times before but I always have a book with me and I usually read.
Not looking out the windows helped keep that icky motion-sickness feeling away.

But the Twin Towers caught my eyes that morning and sparked a song in me, I saw the lyrics play out in the clouds across the sky and, well, it was magical.

It was April. I have a habit of jotting the date down on everything so I know it was 2001.

The words flew out of my fingers and I doodled, quick pen strokes in the shape of the towers surrounding the lyrics written designed to jog my memory as to the melody.
Musical chords and keys elude me so I have my own system, don’t ask.

The visual is in my head whenever I sing that song live, the Twin Towers rushing towards me on my way into the city.

That was the last train trip to NYC for me until a long time after September 11th,2001.

I don’t look out the windows anymore.
Although the song has nothing to do with the World Trade Center (I did write a song about that terrible day but that’s for another post) please to indulge me as I share the lyrics to the song I wrote that day on the train.


dancing with her eyes closed
to a haunting lullaby
that she alone can hear

swaying back and forth
reach for the sky
she gives her love
and feels it disappear

velveteen, pretty little velveteen

black upon black
surrounds her days
and fills her nights

angel, angel baby
he took her heart, he took her heart
and then he took flight

velveteen, lonely little velveteen
velveteen, lonely little velveteen


Andy says:

Love it.

smiles hard, thank you! one of these days i’m gonna figure out a way to link my music here….why not, shameless self promotion? nah, just wanting to share some good music ;D

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