{May 23, 2013}   Words Of The Blogging Kind

blog [ blog ]
1.diary on Web site: a frequently updated personal journal chronicling links at a Web site, intended for public viewing
Today has been an endless ride on an evil roundabout that once called Hell it’s home.
I exaggerate. Sort of.
It just occurred to me that this is a blog, you know, like a diary thing where I write down, well, to take the lazy way out, what Bing said up there ^ in the definition portion of tonight’s little presentation.
Meanwhile, I’m over here in my own little world writing fiction more often than not; poetry, a little bit of non-fictiony type stuff, you know, dabbling.
But I really haven’t been making with the actual ‘blogging’ part of the blog thing. (when I start wrangling the English language I know I’m long overdue for a good gut-spewing rant. And a Buffy The Vampire Slayer rewatch. Again.)
Usually I correspond via email and rant that way, but time has become a factor in that not-at-all-little lifesaving tool.
Time is sometimes evil and must be stopped.
Hey, maybe this place is actually some super secret path to a Tardis, or any time machine would do actually.
See what I did there?
I rambled. Babbled. Went off-topic. Shuffled the cards so to speak.
I could list all the psychological mitigating factors as to why I do that but duh, who has time for that?
{bites tongue to keep self from going off on another time rant}

Ok let’s do this.
I not only hate today, but I fucking hate today.
Because it was all the best things ever, sprinkled throughout what’s generally known as a shitty day.

The stupid was too stupid to even whine about and the awesome is too awesome to share until I have (c’mon, say it with me) more time.

But, the dumbest thing of all? Stupid me had to go get all invested in this (insert nastiest curse of your choice here) jodi arias trial (I refuse to use capital letters ever for that convicted heinous disgusting lying murderer.
For the less than 12 people in the USA who don’t know about the convicted killer, she was found guilty of premeditated 1st degree murder; in a nutshell, she drove 3000 miles to stab him 29 times (mostly in the back) slash his throat from ear to ear nearly decapitating him, then shot him in the head after he was already dead. She shoved him in his own shower stall, tried to clean up and deleted the sex pictures she took of him in the shower before she began to stab him, and did a load of laundry of blood covered clothes and the sheets so her dna wouldn’t be on them. She also threw the camera in with the laundry even though she already deleted the sex pictures. Only she didn’t know the cops could retrieve the deleted pictures even though it had been through the wash cycle.
And oops, while she was killing him the camera somehow took some pictures.

It is disgusting.
She is disgusting
Today they finally came back with no unanimous agreement.
Fucking mistrial.

Yeah I know, they’re going to retry the penalty phase but can you imagine if your brother/friend/cousin/whoever was brutally murdered the way Travis Alexander was?
What would you feel if you had been living this nightmare since 2008 to finally have the verdict come in the way it did?

They have been living out of a suitcase away from their lives and family, put their lives on hold and live in a hotel in another state than their own?

I apologize.
What began as something about me turned into a rant about jodi arias. I’m taking that power away from her after saying one more thing; it is the family that I feel for.
I have sent a donation to the Alexander family and will send another one. It is the only way I can help.

See the roundabout that is me?
I just keep on talking sometimes and I am forcibly stopping myself now to go read some things I need to read. I have some reading I must read tonight. And yay me, I get to stay right here in my safe place to do it.

So, that’s blogging huh?
Next time the hell with it, I’m gonna make it all. about. me.

See you out there! πŸ˜€


Andy says:

Nothing wrong with the odd card shuffle. You never know where it may lead.

thank you! that’s exactly what I thought too! πŸ˜€

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