{May 23, 2013}   Sugar Water

a hummingbird danced by my bedroom window late one night
he sipped my sugar water then took my heart
a fair exchange, he explained without reason,
somehow i couldn’t help but agree
just for safekeeping, he assured me

he flew away promising to return and if i could
he asked politely,
more sugar please

sometimes he stops by with an offer of immortality
we laugh together at the thought of this forever
while he drains me dry and asks for more
knowing i deny him nothing
as always

he brings my heart on occasion,
if only to reassure me it still beats
though he offers to return it if that is my wish,
he knows

it’s a gift
he keeps it always, safe and sound
and i sweeten my nectar, my feeder always full
for whenever he’s hungry


Sweet quoted poem.
Enjoyed reading it. Keep it up…:-)

Thank you! I’m certainly trying šŸ˜‰

This is very lovely

thank you. somehow this was one of those things that wrote itself, i’m glad you liked it šŸ™‚

Beautiful, Jo. I think the poems which write themselves are the best kind – they come from a true place. x

thank you sweet Paige, it means a lot coming from you ā¤ xx

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