{May 23, 2013}   Daily Prompt~ Green Eyed Monster~ Photo~ Green


Anyanka isn’t really a monster, but her green eyes, which no photo can ever do justice to, are piercing and oh so beautiful! Although she was named after a vengeance demon she is the definition of skittish. She sneaks around the house in the midnight hours and for some reason, I’m the only human she allows to hold her.


She is your “wild child!” She is very cute with her big green eyes and her ears are cute, they tend to go different directions sometimes, don’t they? I will be offline for the Memorial Day weekend. So, enjoy and have a good break, hopefully it is a 3 day weekend for you!!

She is, and I will even forgive her as she just now decided to inhale her bowl of food then promptly did that cat-hurl thing; I think she’s bulimic 😉
Sorry for me you’ll be offline, but happy for you that you have what will be a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I have a feeling I’ll be spending a bulk of my time here, inbetween eating grilled food and hopefully, not much else. I kinda need that, and honestly, here is where I want to be ❤ Enjoy your 3 day weekend my sweet! 🙂

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