{May 23, 2013}   Blogger Creative Challenge Prompt: In the Beginning……

I stumbled across this lovely spirited tale a few hours ago, when I needed it most. While I’m still learning the ins and outs and protocols in this wonderful land of words, I’ve been prompted, if you will, to write something, a little idea that I’ve been quietly working on here and there, so please to allow me, Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss, to share what you have inspired me to work on. Oh, and reblog this too 🙂

Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Something out of the box, but I had a dream……..

Local view

In the beginning there was a storm: not really surprising. They day had been humid; the electricity in the air could be felt. The whole thing was waiting to explode. Evening came and the clouds grew darker. It then rained, it poured, it lashed down.

“Looks like we are in for a heavy one this time” said Fred to his wife Mabel.

She looked up from her knitting. Although it was summer, “you could never be too early” she thought and was busy with the needles creating a wonderful warm pullover for Fred. Unfortunately it was one of those pullovers with the wool that scratches, being bought in a local Summer sale, and the pattern was not exactly to Fred’s taste, one of those pullovers with a polo neck that prevents circulation of fresh air around the body.

“Yes, it…

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You are welcome. glad you enjoyed it

very much so! 🙂

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