{May 23, 2013}   Blogger Creative Challenge Prompt~ In The Beginning ~ The Tower Story

An old abandoned rail-car sits unnoticed, tucked away near the bridge at the edge of town.
It seems to be held together by nothing more than rust and spray-painted graffiti yet there’s a certain charm to it if you can see past the decay.
Life, at least what’s left of it, goes on as survivors rush by with whatever they’re able to grab on the way out.
I breathe easier once they’re gone.
As far as I know the entire town is abandoned.

I’ve always hated this town.
It’s dirty and ugly.
All traces of nature and beauty had been ripped away over the years, replaced by oil refineries, oil terminals and factories of all kinds.
Just another blue collar town interspersed with as many condos and thrown-together houses that corrupt money could buy.

I should probably feel bad that so many people are dead around me but I can’t care.
If I stop moving and let myself think too much about all the death I’ve seen I just might stop moving altogether.

There’s a part of me that’s tempted to stay put.
Maybe fix up that dilapidated rail-car and take up temporary residence there.

When I was a kid I read this book over and over, about some family who lived in a trolley, all fixed up and cozy with pretty lace curtains and throw-rugs but that was fiction and I was living in the real world, not a storybook.

The real world is harsh and full of misery just like me.

I’ve got a long journey ahead of me.
I refuse to sit out the end of the world in this god-forsaken town but I will stay one more night in the rail-car.

I’ve got to conserve my strength but with any luck, by this time next week I should be at my destination.
It’s a long walk from north Jersey to Cape May.


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