{May 22, 2013}   No Turning Back ~ James and Lizzie

Two coats of Chanel Red and I could still taste James on my lips.
The streets were quiet on the walk home but my mind was noisy.
After I goaded James into kissing me he disappeared as usual. Not literally but damn close to it.
He infuriated me with his stupid logic and common sense.
He also tasted a little like warm honey and cinnamon. And that kind of thinking is what gets me in trouble.
But that’s the thing, it shouldn’t be trouble.

I thought back to the night James almost kissed me in my car, when the snow fell fast and hard, covering us and keeping the world outside. He was still torn about the idea of us as an ‘us’ and I knew he still felt guilty about the whole making-me-a-vampire thing.
It was freezing that night and it surprised me that we both shivered.
I didn’t realize that cold would bother vampires.
Huddled close together in front of the heater-vents we found our mouths just a breath away when there was a sharp rapping on the window.
We jumped apart, it was my drummer telling me the gig was cancelled because of the storm.
Just another convenient excuse for James to grab onto out of a misplaced sense of honor.
He thinks he’ll clip my wings before I fly or something equally as ridiculous.
Sometimes I think he’s just afraid to let himself have what he wants.
Of course if I told him that he’d just roll his eyes.

Tonight though, when his animal showed through and he kissed me exactly how I remembered, I saw a change in his eyes, a fire to equal mine.
I could see in his eyes that he knew there was no turning back.
I had passed that point long ago.

Chanel red. Mmmmmm.

I know! isn’t it the best? lol

Nice work. The first line especially is a peach!

Thank you (huge smile!)it’s funny because I have to keep reminding myself they’re vampires πŸ˜€ lizzie and james have this whole story thing i’m working on, I have lots more in the works, flying by the seat of my pants of course but I have a plan (insert evil chuckle here); i’m writing little bits here but the bulk of it i’m working on in a secret bunker buried far beneath this land we walk- or somewhere out in space πŸ˜€
but it’s my first attempt at getting off my ass and writing that book I want to write, only I’m thinking trilogy on this one because why not? πŸ™‚
oh and that’s where the line between fiction and reality blurs; it’s my favorite lipstick πŸ˜€

good for you, get that book written! sounds like you are doing a lot of background work on it too, which is essential to make the characters truly live (imho)
and there’s no harm in blurring that line you know! maybe bring out a tie-in lipstick when the books (and then films) come out, earn a few more dollars πŸ™‚

i’m actually almost proud of myself in that i actually have a plan and i’m following thru, i’ve realized that it’s time to take myself off the back burner and start being my own caretaker rather than taking care of everyone else…there’s a little part of my mind that tells me its ok to do that now and yes, i’ve been doing a lot of background work on this project (because i’m afraid to call it a ‘book’ until it’s actually finished due to my irish-jinx-worry :D)
maybe i should go with what you said and think big as in yes there will be tie-ins and branding (ha!), after all, Twilight supposedly started out as fanfic and even though i’m not a twilight fan i’m a fan of all the books/movies etc that lead to the $ πŸ˜‰

you should be proud, it’s a big step to decide to embark on a book/s. you realise you will still be working on it and sick of it in about three years time though dont you@ πŸ˜‰
Yep, and 50 shades was fanfic too. but to me there are only two genres: good and bad

you certainly have a way of putting things in perspective, and I absolutely adore the way you consider there to be only 2 genres, good and bad, that, kind Sir, is genius! And if I’m not mistaken, I believe I read somewhere that 50 Shades was fanfic based on Twilight which was based on fanfic and so on… it gives me hope, and somehow, so do you πŸ˜‰

so on, so on… it all goes back to Don Quixote or something originally.

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