{May 21, 2013}   Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

Hello, my name is Joanne and I am a complete Word Press Non-Knowing-Navigator.
(This is the part where you all say “hello Joanne”. It’s a thing.)
Aw c’mon, somebody out there thought it. No? Just me then? Huh.
The point.
It’s taking me forever to figure out the most time efficient manner of navigating my way around here.
Because I get distracted. And I want to do everything at once.
I joined Word Press a little over a year ago fully intending to move right on in. Life had other plans so my home sat empty for more than a year. I didn’t even do a drive-by, again, Life and the lack thereof. I mean of my very own. I’m still working on that but that’s a whole other can of worms.
See? I get distracted.
I know I’ll figure it all out, I have a really good sense of direction when I put my mind to it and I’ve put my mind to it.
But I just realized I’m on London time and I live in New Jersey. As in the US of A. The Other Side Of The Pond and all that.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m an Anglophile and damn proud of it, always have been, always will be.
But I kinda like to know what time it is and if my home is on London time then there’s some kinda weird Doctor Who timey wimey stuff going on and I don’t see any platters of scones and clotted cream anywhere by the way, nor do I see anyone driving on the wrong I mean the other side of the road. Don’t recall a TARDIS trip either unless it’s one of those Silence things and I forgot when I looked away and I’m going off on another tangent aren’t I?
That was actually the impetus that prompted these words.
Because I know there’s a damn settings thingy somewhere that’s gonna put me straight back into New Jersey time. That or a straight-jacket.
And I am determined to figure it out.
And I will, but it would probably speed up the process if I stopped writing words and started off on The Great Time Settings Search.
Tune in tomorrow my lovelies, when hopefully I will have learned both navigational and time management skills.
That would be New Jersey time. Possibly.


Settings-general-time zone in the dashboard:)

ok from now on, if you need someone to throw themselves down so you can walk over a puddle, i’m your girl πŸ˜‰
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because I was getting nowhere and now i’m back in NJ! all the hugs are yours! ❀ xxx

Andy says:

Even the great Doctor himself struggles to get the hang of it.
Always turning up in the wrong time and place. (Or the right time and place if you are a backseat driver and leave it to the Tardis.)
Time Lords eh? Unreliable. Saving the universe. Forgetting to eat lunch.

Well now I will be the Girl Who Waited long enough to be saved by ionia and I swear I will leave all the driving to the Tardis because she knows best πŸ˜‰

is there not a wibbly wobbly timey wimey zone you can select? sheesh, WP are so narrow-minded in their perception of what is often referred to as “time”

no wibbly wobbly timey wimey selection but I’ve been saved by sweet ionia ^ and now I will let the time-stream take me where it wants (it needs to drop me back in London for real this time!) πŸ˜€

also, what the hell is time anyway? just another annoyance if ya ask me πŸ˜›

hmmmm what is time? i dont know but there’s never enough of it. And where do those hours go when you fly around? someone somewhere must be collecting them and making a huge stash of cash out of it

see? that’s it! what the hell is up with time???? it freaks me out sometimes if i let myself think about it too much, because if we want to get technical, either you’re living in the future or i’m living in the past since it’s now Tuesday for me and Wednesday for you (ha! thanks to some lovely assistance i fixed my timey wimey stuff)
so if i steal a police box, will that let me have more time? and although I’ve only flown twice and it was just a one hour time difference where did that hour go? i think Steven King is making all the cash, he made some deal with those Langolier things, they ate time or something scary enough to cause me time-change phobia…i’m babbling now so does that mean i just wasted time? will i have to pay a fine now?

that’s why they stopped having police boxes over here, people kept using them for time travel and it got all too mixed up.
Yes, you have to pay a fine. you remember a few weeks back you had to lose an hour one night? that was it. they save up all the hours and sometimes there is a surplus which you get back a few months later

ah! so that’s what that whole ‘spring ahead fall back’ thing is about! I always have trouble with the whole springing ahead thing but falling back is ok, long as i’m falling back onto something full of yummy goodness πŸ˜€

yummy goodness would be good. Or maybe soft fluffy pillows

yummy goodness and soft fluffy pillows usually go hand in hand

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