{May 21, 2013}   Pellets Of Pain

snow turned to rain that night
turning the cover invisible
into slush
dirty and revealing
what was meant to be covered
you pulled back that night
afraid to get too close to that age-old mixture of yearning and regret,
right alongside our disappointed desire
the rain was ice cold,
pellets of pain
freezing my heart solid as i watched you walk away
shoulders slumped in defeat and exhaustion
regret came off you in waves
and i saw through the lies you tell yourself
to make it through each night,
self-defeated from the start
your whipping-boy status began to unravel that night
though we both knew it would take awhile,
we recognized the inevitability
and accepted the challenge knowing sometimes
some things are worth waiting for,
as i drove away alone
the rain and my tears fell in buckets
to cover our uncommitted sins


Poignant and lovely

you get a curtsey for that one 😉

A deep submissive one?

hmmm, so many answers to that age old question, most live in the why-of-course camp 😀

and even though I inadvertently answered this elsewhere due to non-navigational skills, the answer remains the same, why of course!

well I hope that is a good ‘hmmm’ 😉

It rather depends on you.

then I’d wager a guess it is a good ‘hmmm’

reocochran says:

Wow! A brilliant story told through poetry! The uncommitted sins and the whipping boy status stand out as unusual elements in their story.

thank you so much! and damn those uncommitted sins!!! 😉 ❤

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