{May 20, 2013}   Ooops ~ (Lizzie & James Series)

I could feel the crunch of cartilage give way to a bloody mess as my fist slammed into her face.

It was a comforting feeling.

It also felt really good.

It took everything I had to keep myself from licking the blood off my knuckles but I knew from past experience, ex-cheerleader blood tastes rotten.

What can I say, I was never in that clique when I was in high school. Oh, I liked most of them well enough individually but get them all together in a group and they turned into monsters.

Unfortunately for them, they didn’t know that since high school, I’d turned into a vampire.

I don’t know what the hell possessed me to attend the class reunion aside from the fact that it was being held at James’s club.

They were all there, the whole goddamn cheerleading squad and just like it was back in high school, they gathered in groups readying themselves to pick on the “outsiders”.

Funny thing about time passing though, over the years we “outsiders” had grown into our true potential while the ex-cheerleaders, for the most part, let themselves go and, well, as James put it, they now looked like the Liberty Bell.

I fully intended to behave myself, I really did.

Hell, I purposely didn’t drink any alcohol since I tend to get easily riled up if I drink too much.

I swear she started it.

It wasn’t so much the judgmental I-have-a-Prada-bag-and-you-don’t looks she threw my way.

It wasn’t even the blatant whisper-point-and-giggle onceovers she and her backup little pep squad continued to aim in my direction.

It was her laughingly pathetic neverending failed attempts at seducing James.

My James.

Smashing my fist into ex-cheerleader-face was the furthest thing from my mind as I smoked a cigarette alone in the parking lot, I swear.

Noses bleed alot but damn that felt good.


Cheerleaders make me laugh when they take themselves so seriously. 🙂

And they seem to take that attitude with them for the rest of their lives 😉 (obviously I was never a cheerleader lol)

“I knew from past experience, ex-cheerleader blood tastes rotten” – this is a great line! and then i read further on and found out where that “experience” came from. very nice piece!

I’m glad you liked it, although in the interest of full disclosure, I have never tasted cheerleader blood ;-D

should I clarify that with a ‘yet’? 😛

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