{May 19, 2013}   Heavenly


do you remember that time you showed me heaven?
I didn’t really believe it existed before you came strolling by,
even then I didn’t buy it one bit
although you tend to speak in silence and piercing glances
and I had to decipher the meaning behind the unspoken
it was all right there, out in the open the whole time
expertly hidden amongst chords and notes and words the masses barely understood
oh sure, they all sang along in a drunken haze
tripping over wires and fumbling for a semblance of composure
next thing ya know we’re walking that fine line invisible
your eyes barely open from lack of sleep and me a sleek racehorse, ready to bolt
it was so cold that night we couldn’t tell where one shiver ended and the other began
because fire and ice burned in perfect tandem
and you shook me to my core
that didn’t count, you told me, or was it me who said it
our words get confused sometimes when like calls so strongly to like
at certain times I pull that night out and replay it, that first time you showed me heaven
the wonder in my eyes reflected back in yours
not sure who’s breath is who’s
and when the wind tickles me, bringing back that scent belonging only to you
it slides down the back of my throat like a spoonful of honey


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