{May 19, 2013}   Daily Prompt~ Helping Hands

snake21334854192843Just a little peek at some of the helping hands who reached out after Hurricane Irene did her best to destroy our family home. The insurance company denied any assistance so friends and strangers alike reached out to us. Between Home Depot and a bunch of my musician friends holding a benefit, the house is once again a home. Special thanks to our friend Dave “Snake” Sabo from Skid Row who played with his old band Steel Fortune and a special thumb to the nose at a certain rock star who shall remain nameless who did not show up to play with his old band Atlantic City Expressway. 😛 Much more to come on this story, today is one of those not-great days for me.
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Looks a like a great day, shame it was under such horrible circumstances.

It was, although it flew by, I saw nothing of it since I worked the door and the club ripped us off by telling everyone the raised prices were for our family then pocketing the money themselves I am still grateful and I know that karma catches up with everyone. 😉

can’t believe the club were so heartless. that’s so wrong

oh you have no idea! i’m trying very hard to not talk bad about them since our families have known each other forever, might have to change that rule when I get to that part in the book though 😉

Well if they dont want to be bad-talked they shouldnt have ripped you off!

I get what you mean but i’m determined to keep my hands clean on this one; believe me, the same can’t be said of others and word does get around quickly in a small town… believe it or not I actually feel sorry for the certain person responsible because business has been affected, apparently this has happened with others and it’s a shame that the new generation is destroying a family business that’s been around for well over 50 years. karma always comes for you in one way or another 😉

I understand totally, you dont want to burn any bridges or cause ructions. but as you say, it sounds like karma is doing the job anyway!

exactly! besides, I have to leave some of the juicy bits for the book 😉

bentalice says:

I love a good story, Joanne. Good story and good friends. Sorry to hear about the club’s wayward mind.

I will be saying a lot about the whole hurricane story, and I should have expected the clubs behavior, but karma takes care of things in one way or another 😉

You had helping hands reaching out to help you and that is what you need to focus on. Stay positive and you will be lifted up.

Exactly Lily, that is why I refuse to trash-talk the bad, the good hands outweigh the hands that took for themselves but it’s not for me to judge, those who took know who they are, my conscience is clear because I kept my mouth shut and let karma play out the way it’s meant to play out… although I’ve had to swallow a lot of blood from biting my tongue sometimes, I am beyond grateful to each and every person who helped to make it possible for my Mom to at least live a few months back in her own home before she died, since Mom’s only been gone a month I’m still raw so if anything came out sounding too negative, that is why, there are other places for my snark, this is about helping hands 🙂 and thanks for stopping by!

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