{May 19, 2013}   Cup Of Reaction

where did you come from
where do you go
what was your outcome
do you think that it shows
it’s not complicated
just hard to explain
uncalculated with a brain new refrain
the answer is easy, desire or fear
a cup of reaction with a drop of sincere

were you doing the two-step
dancing on ice
was there the usual roadblock on the way to paradise
a deer in the headlights
slam on the brakes
multilevel pileup or an icy mistake
did you swallow desire with a chaser full of fear
how ’bout a cup of reaction with a drop of sincere

so pull up a chair and let me pour you some tea
gotta couple of questions you can answer for me
they’re not complicated, when the highway is clear
when you’re going full throttle
and there’s no puppeteer
just rev up the engine and slam it in gear
and have a cup of reaction with a drop of sincere


Andy says:

Like that:’a cup of reaction with a drop of sincere.’
Put the kettle on.

Thank you, she said as she poured her 3rd cup of tea ;-D
My kettle is always on, I am a tea-a-holic πŸ˜›

Andy says:

You would make a great English girl!:)

Hee! That’s what I always wished I could be, some people dream of tropical islands and such, I dream of lovely rainy England, endless cups of tea with scones, bangers and meat pies and we can’t forget Cadbury Flakes! Some day…..besides, I’m an American girl with Irish on one side and English/??? on the other, lol, plus the music alone! I could go on endlessly πŸ™‚

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