{May 18, 2013}   Pre-Dawn Silence

thisdawngirldawnpre dawn
i hear you
in the early morning hours
pre-dawn silence and all the world asleep
i am wide awake and alone
just like i was born to be
you are alone too
fighting your daily battles
there is no rest
not even in your warrior dreams

there is love and there is you
it all mixes together sometimes
we remember always but the veil only lifts
on this side of the sunrise
when puppet strings are loosened
snipped away for a few precious hours
that is when we breathe

i snuck outside this morning
or was it last night?
tip-toed barefoot
summer-green grass dewy
cool beneath my feet
i waited for you there, one eye on the moon
the other turned inside to my heart
where you come alive with me
in these late-early hours
jesus-approved from the day we were born


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