{May 17, 2013}   Waiting For The Main Event

waiting for him
I keep on waiting
(I’m a very patient person)
for the main event
(even though it’s taking forever)
to finally arrive
(time is dragging on longer than expected)
the way we’ve talked about
(the way I dream about)
all the bells and whistles
(like a steamy beach-read)
and fireworks galore
(I saw it in a movie once)
the hero takes a bow
(he looks alot like you)
the devil gets his due
(and you always come out on top)
and happy endings come hard and fast
(does that ever really happen?)
over and over again
(maybe that’s just a faerie tale)
so all this waiting has me thinking
(it’s starting to drive me crazy)
that the long-run is just around the corner
(I can almost smell it)
and the main event is set to slam over us
(better than expected)
I know
(deep down inside)
we can finally


I hope it arrives

I like to hope too. also, thank you for always making me smile hard 😀

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