{May 17, 2013}   Into The Nothing


She doodles more often than not, a plain good old fashioned number two pencil flying over the empty page as she encourages something she deems good-enough to manifest itself into magic.
Half the time she stares into the nothing.
She’s surrounded by it, like a bubble.
Regardless of the location, the nothing seems to follow her everywhere she goes.
Her own personal nothing.
It’s not as bad as it sounds, she would tell you if you asked her.
She fills the void around her with her own imaginings culled from everything she’s ever known as well as things she hasn’t.
Sometimes she writes things down in a little notebook she carries with her.
Random words she likes the sound of when spoken out-loud, observations she makes as she stares out the window watching the world go by.
She’s always alone even when she’s not.


cjriordan says:

I have a very similar bubble. I just don’t carry the notebook any more.

ah those bubbles….and admittedly, my notebook sits untouched…for now.

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