{May 16, 2013}   Underneath

red lightfierywatereruptionwaterfire
deep down
where no one can see
bubbling underneath
from a simmer to a boil
with a little fuel from the moon
or maybe a wormhole
a shortcut possibly but really
it doesn’t matter
never did
and I never thought to mention
or the other thing either but you already knew
you see right through when the sun shines
and you know your way through the dark
when the crowd starts to slip away
or when the shadows grow and we fly
or both
it was underneath all that
the scent was in the air and the hunt was on but
it wasn’t on purpose
just a tumble and a stumble
relaxed patterns of comfortable fire
slipping into gear with a roar and a purr
or maybe a growl
but it’s the thought that counts
and you got me thinking
the ones from those books
and the other ones too
from here to there was far
but in reverse it speeds up
it hums in neutral
waiting for the light to change
waiting here with all this
simmering in patient boil
scribbling notes in the sand
to a distant reader


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