{May 16, 2013}   Smoke ~ 2 Vignettes With Lizzie And James


I spend too much too time with my back against brick, smoking.
Filthy habit I know, but a habit it is.
I’m nothing if not habitual, about pretty much everything.
Which is why I once again ended up at the club looking for something, anything, to shake this mood wrapped around me so tightly.
Apparently it wasn’t working. Neither were the shots of Captain Morgan I’d just tossed down my throat.
It was really cold outside. I shivered as I lit another cigarette just to burn some time.
I sucked in a lungful of smoke as the band started to play, exhaling to a slinky sneaky piano sliding through the air and settling low in my belly. It sounded like sex.
The voice was low and growly, the kind of voice that made you wonder what that voice would sound like in bed.
I myself was dying to know what that voice would sound like in bed.
At the rate I’m going I’d die of old age before I find out.
That’s only moderately amusing when we all remember I’m a vampire. The fact that I even mentioned it underscores my non-existent ability to be intentionally funny.
So not only am I undead, I’m an unfunny undead. With an un-sex-life to boot.
I tossed my cigarette into an old coffee can filled with sand for the few remaining smokers left and followed that addictive sexy voice back inside the club.
I slipped through the decent sized crowd and found an empty table off to the side of the stage.
As I sit down I shrug off my leather jacket just as James looks up from his piano. Our eyes lock as my arms tangle in my jacket, sleeves behind me and I begin to simmer.


A strong arm curls around my waist from behind and yanks me through the doorway of the dressing room before I can blink.
The slam of the door was covered by the thunder of drums as the last band of the night began their set on the other side of it. My nostrils flare at that spicy-sweet scent tickling my nose.
The smell of James is very intoxicating and I know it like I know my own.
Honestly this whole vampire smell thing is still freaking me out but I digress, point is, I knew it was James immediately.
He had me pinned against the wall.
It felt awesome.
Things have been uncomfortably weird between us recently for no discernible reason. It really sucked.
His hands sink into my hair as he molds his body to mine.
Every single coherent thought in my head disappears along with all the reasons I’m annoyed with him the moment I feel his mouth take mine.
“Take” is much too calm a word to describe what James’ mouth did when it met mine.
Each drop of blood in my body begins to heat up at his touch.
Don’t believe those stories about vampire’s bodies being cold to the touch, we’re no different than humans.
The first few times I fed, my flesh felt the same way it did after a bad sunburn as my body got used to an influx of new blood.
Now, as James claims my mouth as his own in a roomful of band equipment, my skin sizzles and I mentally thank the band onstage for turning up their amps loud enough to cover any wayward sounds that might give us away.
We still had a lot to talk about but for now our bodies had some catching-up to do.


reocochran says:

You are writing in the skin of someone unfamiliar but you make it your own. I cannot imagine how it would feel but your words take me to where I can feel it also in my blood. I hope you have a few more readers stop by and comment. When you look back at my first posts, they did not have many and yours DESERVE to be read and absorbed. Good night!

did you just feel that tight hug? that was me.
Lizzie and James won’t leave me alone, they keep nipping at my heels telling me to hurry and write more and more about them…they are very determined to have their way with me, at least the hands part of me so I can tell their story. I knew I loved you 😀 x

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