{May 16, 2013}   No Mystery

bsdm symbolsweetdreamsbook1
I’ve been an open book
right from the start and straight on through
every page of me presents itself
wide-open and without shame
no secrets, no mystery, nothing hidden
fully exposed and naked truth after truth
spread out eager for your perusal
and your most welcome inspection
take your time as you browse
every detail a whisper waiting for your scrutiny
and a firm hand
breathe deep and let my sincerity wash over you
I’ll remain here patiently impatient
hoping to feel your eyes greedy
and full of mirth
there’s a guaranteed satisfaction in each and every chapter
every word a reaction to whatever came before
it’s like riding a bike once you catch on
a certain rhythm rises like the tide and pulls you through
so remember
linger over the good parts and break it all down
secure in the knowledge there’s always
a happy ending of one kind or another


I always was told not to be so open, hold your cards closer, Robin. I am glad to meet my kindred (much younger) spirit

Ha! Much younger! HA!!!! Now I’m REALLY smiling! lol I do know what you mean though, I was always worrying over each word and what would this one think etc; it’s just recently that I’ve been able to just write and stop censoring myself. The word “fiction” is always a great cover πŸ˜‰
Oh, and I graduated in 1977 so there goes my illusion of youth,lol. But I must say, I look damn good πŸ˜‰ (kidding only not really lol)

It’s only the last several years sine I met Catnip and started to get to know her that I have come to life and started living which what you do all the time. You Rock

You have no idea how much I love that name, Catnip! We all have to do what we can when we can and just try to deal the best we can, if that makes sense. I have a harder time than I let on, but I find that nothing helps me more than writing, as well as the times I’m lucky enough to cross paths with someone like you, someone who gets it and, dare I say, also rocks πŸ˜€

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