{May 15, 2013}   The Wonderful Team Member Award

I finally get it! It really IS an honor just being nominated! 😉


I am quite speechless! (oh, you wish!)

I was awarded this award, The Wonderful Team Member Award, by a fellow

blogger, on my busy week where I was away from my computer for at least

4 days fulltime and 5 days part of the time!

Mona Sharma was patient and also, I noticed her Award has a nice grace

period of 7 days to respond!

Here are the rules to the award:

1. Display the Wonderful Team Member Award picture! If you wish to see it,

please check out Mona’s blog:

It is a lovely golden sun that will shine in my heart because I like getting awards!

Please check out the lovely, beautiful and gorgeous flowers on Mona’s blog! I

enjoy the roses the best! Thank you so much, Mona!

2. Nominate 14 Wonderful Team Members to receive their awards.

(in my case,  many have been…

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You are most deserving of being a “winner” but they consider it an honor to nominate blogs! So, I learned this early in my blogging last year! I was confused at first, like you! Take care, Robin

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