{May 15, 2013}   Smashed

Contemplating the taste of you
it all comes back
I can still remember
the flavor of your kiss
running down the back of my throat
a mixture of everything you’re made of
thick honey sweet dripping
from the heart of the matter
a delicate delicacy simmering hot and spicy
enough to whet my appetite
and make the sated insatiable
tempting tang and salty-sweet sweat
a forbidden treat
mingling with me
sometimes out of nowhere
the taste of you tickles my tongue
even blindfolded I can see you
and my senses kick into overdrive
your scent strong and musky
the sound of you breathing a skin-on-skin symphony
there to remind me
some things taste better over time


Wonderful, such an evocative picture painted with words.

Thank you, I kinda like that one myself 🙂

This is so wonderful and sensual! I loved the imagery and appreciate the time it takes to write something this expressive of your feelings!

I’m so glad I picked this time to finally get to comment-reading, I am now smiling and meaning it. Thank you! ❤

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