{May 15, 2013}   Put Your Feet Up

put your feet updesire power
put your feet up
lay yourself down
here by my side
let go and let me
perhaps you’ve forgotten how it feels
to hand over the reins
at least momentarily
relinquish control for awhile
put your feet up and leave your hat on
if that’s what you want
I would rearrange every star in the sky if it made you feel better
but in the end it won’t matter,
it can keep you on your toes,
all this cloak and dagger
just for these infrequencies
but oh, the spark burns
and it’s unavoidable, this crashing,
but not completely uncharted
it’s all that flotsam floating through the wasteland
that keeps us navigating
so if only for a moment,
put your feet up, lay yourself down
and let me remind you
I am yours


Smiling at this. I never let go of the reins. But I do put my feet up now and again.

Well I guess in a way, you still hold the reins, but now and again isn’t it nice to ask I mean command your s to take the lead, so to speak? (she asked respectfully 😉 )

Laughing. It is pleasant to be entertained – at my bidding.

Well of course, that goes without saying, and as it should be 😉

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