{May 14, 2013}   Soft Arsenal

retroself photopinup
She pulls out an array of silk and lace pretties and spreads them on the bed.
Soft peach lace thongs tangle with black fishnet stockings. White satin bikini cut panties alongside fire-red boy-shorts caress a rainbow-colored pile of her one hidden extravagance, lingerie.
She has a weakness for girly garments underneath her usual jeans. It’s like having a sexy secret that no-one knows about.
He knows though.
He knows a lot of things about her.
Like how easy it is to turn her legs to rubber with one single solitary word.
Like the way her breath catches when he puts certain words in a certain order… he doesn’t even have to say them outloud, although she likes that best, the written word affects her just (almost) as strongly as his voice in her ear.
She knows some things about him too.
Maybe more than he realizes, but what she may or may not know changes nothing.
She belongs to him.
She just does.
He only has to catch her eye for a second and a subtle arch of his eyebrow tells her he knows exactly what she’s thinking, then he takes it to the next level.
All in one glance.
When she walks by him silent her body smiles at him and his smiles back, hard.
Nobody notices though, they are both invisible. At least to everyone else.
Sometimes she sends him a snapshot in a text, just to let him know if it’s red-thong day or pink-lace bikini-cut day. Other times she upends her dresser drawer on her bed.
The blend of texture and color invigorates her, inspires her to grab her camera, the one with the timer-button.
It’s amazing how an appreciative audience can inspire magic on film.
Proof she is real.
Now she smiles for the camera.


Love this

Thank you <> I’m looking forward to posting more.

(there was meant to be a “blush” in that last comment)

Then I shall look forward to more

I nominated you on my Wonderful Team Member post for the Award! You are one of my new reading materials and I wanted to spread the word to my readers. You can check out the rules and if you wish to accept them, or just post that you were nominated, all up to you… It is fun to read and blush along with you!

!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I have to figure out how to everything you mentioned but wow! I’m the one who’s really blushing now!!! It makes me feel wonderful to know you enjoy my attempt at putting words together in a way that makes sense (or no sense lol) and you have no idea how amazing your timing is, I needed the happy and now I have an overflow! Be ready, I’m in a blush-inducing mode πŸ˜‰

missprettyreckless says:

This is beyond sexy πŸ˜‰ I want to dress up and take pictures of myself now hahaha.

ooooh yay!!! go for it doll πŸ˜‰ now that you mention it, sounds like a plan lol

missprettyreckless says:

hahahaha I know right, now just to find that one sexy outfit hehehe

oooh, do a whole series, it’s more fun hehe πŸ˜‰

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