{May 12, 2013}   Virtue

any trace of virtue disappears
whenever you cross my mind
despite my desire to be sinless
i’m unable to control the physical reaction
lava flows as you unfreeze me, volcano-like,
with a word, a thought, a twinkle in your eye
i belong to you,
do with me as you will
for your will is mine,
and to serve man is not only a cookbook,
but what i was born to do
where you are concerned
this, more than the thickest of blankets,
keeps me warm at night


Lovely, strong, vivid, tasteful, seducing and hot!

and on a saturday night no less 😉

Woman I use to work with use to tell me I could never rate her. Can’t rape the willing she said.

True, unless it’s roleplay 😉

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