{May 11, 2013}   Persephone Series ~ 1

It’s the same every year yet I never quite get used to the fact that it’s all my fault.
Long, cold winter came every year without fail.
Gotta blame somebody for it so why not me?
Personally, I’m getting a little tired of this whole Let’s Blame Persephone wave that’s sweeping over my world.
It’s giving me an inferiority complex and making me paranoid.
But if I let myself believe that everything is my fault, does that mean I may instead have a superiority complex?
The sound of Hades thumping up the stairs toward my room interrupted my thoughts. It was bedtime, unless he passed out from too much alcohol Hades never failed to show up in my room.
Cerbie let out three short barks in his sleep, one from each head, my brain translated it into “Suck. It. Up.”
I hated this nightly ritual.
His drinking was getting out of control again. It always got worse in the dead of winter. Of course that was my fault too, according to my dear husband.
Mom had not-so-kindly reminded me that, “after all dear, you were the one who wanted to marry him” when I whined away most of our daily phone call earlier today.
I hated that she was right but hello, I was just a kid!
The slur in his voice sent a shiver of loathing through my body. I was so not in the mood for a confrontation with a drunk.
“The door’s locked Seph, open up.”
He rattled the doorknob while his hand continued to pound against the door.
And at that very moment, it hit me.
All we were was habit.
We cycled, and we cycled unhealthy.
I was ice and Hades was fire and he was burning out.
Cerberus growled agreement in three-part-harmony.


Cyclically persevering.

thank you! 🙂

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