{May 11, 2013}   In The Heart

broken heart
in the heart
that’s the crux of the matter,
the way you snuck in when i wasn’t looking
insidiously sneaky and snake-like
you got me right there, deep in the heart
out front and in the open
only nobody ever pays attention
so nobody noticed me lying there bleeding
except my self-appointed savior
lit up by neon and sharing a smoke
eyes changing right there on the spot
falling into the long haul without a thought
there’s a momentary lull in the storm
makes it easier to catch our breath
squirreling it all away for the imminent freeze
and the following fire
it’s just around the corner you know,
the calm is the distraction
to get you in shape for the headliner
it’s in the air, riding in on a sea breeze
rolling and building salty tang
just an ocean away and the tides are changing
the way i see it,
waves are gathering,
get ready to crash


Ky Grabowski says:

Nice piece! Great work.

Thank you!!! It means a lot knowing you like it, this one means a lot to me 😉

Thank you so much!

Ky Grabowski says:

Your welcome 🙂

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