{May 10, 2013}   Word Hoarding

hoarding words
every song you sing,
all those words you write just for me
late in the night
uncensored unplanned purged pieces of you
connected thoughts disconnected
and a peek into your tarnished soul,
my pavlovian response a given,
every word another piece of me, an eager gift,
but you shine bright as the sun
even as your sins weigh you down
you did your penance and served your time,
just another common denominator
to twist us together a little tighter
in this eternal obligation,
can’t run fast enough to keep up with the demand
or fast enough to leave it all behind,
like remnants of a bad dream stuck in the corners of your mind
the everyday clings to the tangled roots
but every now and then,
something beautiful blossoms,
we open the gates and release the beast
words pushed down and swallowed
in hopes of easing the burden,
and the torture of the hidden
collide with that taste, that finally,
i keep them all together, your words and mine
woven threads
enough to fill forever
or at the very least, if just for a moment,
remind us we still know how to breathe


Renard Moreau says:

[ Smiles ] I truly enjoyed this one, Joanne.

you are an angel

Renard Moreau says:

[ Smiles ] Oh, that was a rather sweet thing to say.
Thank you, Joanne!

<> thank you 😉

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