{May 10, 2013}   Shiver

It was 2:45am when her phone vibrated. Her body reacted instinctive.
She knew it was him before she looked at the screen, still, seeing his name sent a tremble through her.
“Come over.” His voice was husky and urgent.
She could picture him leaning back, cigarette in one hand, a bottle of Bud in the other as he waited for her outside in the scorching summer air.
Even this late at night it was near ninety degrees, the air was thick with the promise of a coming storm, heat lightening flashing in the distance.
She didn’t hesitate when he called. Just slipped on a pair of cut-off jeans over a scrap of red lace panties and a matching camisole top and tip-toed down the stairs and out the side door.
It wasn’t very often they were in the same place at the same time and they both knew if he called and it was at all possible, she would come.
The five minute ride seemed like five hours.
Thunder rumbled low and her heart was thumping as she stepped barefoot through the crunchy dry grass covering his yard. The grass was as thirsty for rain as she was hungry for him.
His voice drifted out of the dark but she already knew he was there, her body could sense his and it reacted as it always did when he was near her.
She had difficulty swallowing as her mouth went dry and her body began to throb. She opened her mouth to answer him but his lips came down on hers hard, his hands pulling her into him impatient and she pressed back against him eagerly.
Shivering under his touch, she never even noticed when the skies opened up drenching them both.


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