{May 10, 2013}   Question For Anyone Here

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How do you manage to write and read?


I mean damn, my muse has been slacking off for so long I refuse to capitalize “m” until she deserves it and now it seems she’s kicking into high gear. Now why is that a problem? Because all I want to do is write. All the time.
Obviously Real Life doesn’t care about muses or Muses or anything like that so time juggling is a daily constant but, how do you manage your time so you can read other people’s stuff when your fingers won’t stop stringing words together?

Please any eyes who see this,feel free to share your potentially life-saving advice, experiences, insults, whatever… just remember i’m all kinds of sensitive and stuff…no, not falling for that one are ya, ok, think of something really cool and pretend I said it*.

*I’m not ripping off Joss Whedon, I’m just thinking, WWBD, or say, and she said something similar and i’m babbling again. Wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that my constant companions are of the feline variety lately…


I am a believer in the concept of the Writing Muscle. You have to keep it exercised to keep it toned and at its best, but you need to let it rest and recover sometimes too. Having said that, recovery time can turn into just not writing if you stay off the metaphorical treadmill too long.
How do i juggle writing and reading? I only follow those i really want to read, and i cull my follows quite often. If i add a follow it has to be a blog i know i will find interesting, inspiring and well written. And even then i dont read everything, there just isnt time. This may sound harsh and selfish but it’s the way that works for me
PS I have spent the last year watching Buffy after i was recommended it by a friend. I’m just about to start season 7. I had always assumed it was just a teeny vampire show, how WRONG i was! (if anything i sometimes fwd through the vampire fight bits) Brilliantly written TV, well-crafted characters, humour – it’s got everything. Even Spike’s English accent isnt too bad πŸ™‚

Firstly, I love everything you said and it all makes sense, we sometimes have to be selfish, I just have the Irish/Catholic School/Middle Child/Guilt thing going so I feel bad and want to read every single thing written; that would only work if I was all Orphan Black and cloned (if you haven’t seen that, run! watch!), so I must choose and choose wisely…I have to realign myself after spending so much time wrapped up in the Hurricane Irene fallout for the last 2 years, and thank you for answering my question…I’m seriously a newbie who’s only been writing a few years really and I need to soak in what I love and I love it here πŸ˜€
Know what else I love more than anything? Buffy.
I can talk Buffy forever, not one day goes by without Buffy-thoughts and even today I listened to the cd from Once More With Feeling πŸ˜€
I can annoy the world with Buffy-talk, so I will be brief (ha!) I didn’t watch it for the same reasons until I somehow caught one of the Season 6 episodes and couldn’t believe what I was seeing had anything to do with such a silly title; now I own everything, the books on Buffy and Philosophy, Buffy and Spirituality, Buffy and Sex, Buffy and everything! They teach courses on Buffy and Whedon at Oxford as well as colleges in the states!
If you feel the urge to chat about Season Seven I am always up for a rewatch (I look for them online lol) so I’m always ready to talk Buffy, see, obsessed with Buffy πŸ˜€
And Spike. Have you seen Angel? Because they have crossover plot lines, as you said, brilliantly written and well thought out- the mind of Joss Whedon is a Wonderland. He is on my list of famous people I’d want to meet. I think he’s actually the only one πŸ˜€

BTW, hello. i dont think i ever said that. nice to meet you. Im TRG, i do a bit of fiction and a bit of rubbish poetry and a bit of soul-searching.
Anyhoo, over here Irene was a news event and no more, and the world moved on. It is an eye opener to realise that the effects and the recovery are still going on. I hope you are now back to some sort of normal.
You write well, and from the heart. That is important. you can teacn grammar and technique and plotting and all that stuff but you can’t teach passion. Ive written my entire life, it’s what i do (mainly just for me, ive never been published and only been blogging a year) and ive read loads too. Those are the best two training courses you can go on. Read with a “professional” eye (ie think about what makes good stuff you read good and the bad stuff bad) and keep writing even if sometimes you just press delete and move on. and if you DO delete, dont beat yourself up. Everything won’t be brilliant but if you only keep the brilliant stuff then anyone reading you will assume you only have a “brilliant” setting πŸ™‚

I didnt know of Orphan Black but googled it and found we will be getting it over here soon, so i will be tuning in for that! Thanks for the recommend. And i’ll recommend you back Misfits which was made by CHannel Four so you wont get it on BBCA but im sure it will be around on DVD at least. Think Heroes made in Britian and a comedy. Its brilliant. well series 1 and 2 are, it went a bit sh1t after that.
Once More… was the first episode i saw (I didnt know there was a CD!! must go to amazon and get that!) and it blew me away. So inventive (“I think this line’s mostly filler”!) and he uses such an original and light episode for Buffy to reveal the darkness she has been hiding since she came back from heaven. Not hell as they all assumed.
Oxford has a Buffy course? Thats brilliant, and just shows you how much depth there is to the show. It has become so much more adult as they have grown – Willow coming out, Tara’s mental illness, Willow’s magic addiction. Buffy having to take charge of Dawn and get a job. and yes, BUffy’s mother dying. I came across that a few weeks back and it was brilliantly written. So painfully accurate that i struggled to watch it (im in tears now just thinking) but so magnificently made i had to keep watching. It may be too soon and too painful for you to watch yet, but one day you must. Maybe you already have.
Is Angel as good? I was thinking of moving on to that after Seaoson 7. Or i might just go back to season 1 and start again πŸ™‚ Ive been renting them but i feel a purchase of the whole box set coming on….
right i didnt mean to go on this long. Sorry πŸ™‚

Oh yeah, hello and hi and hey and cheers and dare I say, oi? I’m one of those annoying Yanks who writes under my birth name because that is who i am and when you’re born with the last name of ‘Best’, why not use it? πŸ˜‰

I’ve been writing everything down since the hurricane knocked our house down, I planned to write a book about the whole situation, even planned to call it “Goodnight Irene” ,still writing about it- just a little tough right now while i’m so raw- my father and brothers wanted to walk away from the house but my mom and i said hell no and she and i basically did it all ourselves, they moved back home the same day Hurricane Sandy hit but nothing more than power loss- my point: I have a newfound respect for the power weather has over us, and with 2 hurricanes in 2 years New Jersey got it’s ass kicked. I WILL finish this book and self-publish if need be; hell, I even spoke to Governor Christie on the radio when it first happened and his office helped us out a lot (property insurance wouldn’t pay anything and I just keep on talking don’t I?) but the whole story of what we went thru is amazing, I learned a lot about the kindness of strangers πŸ™‚

So I guess I write a little bit of everything, dabbling until i find where my strengths are, and to be uber honest, Joss Whedon is my biggest influence, perhaps one of the reasons why I dissect anything he’s written. And yes Once More has an incredible soundtrack including Joss and his wife doing ‘Give Me Something To Sing About’ bare bones, just piano and their voices. Plus other “theme” music ie from ‘Restless’, ‘Hush’ (I think, I have a habit of skipping around from song to song) but anyway, you hit the nail on the head: I’ve been having an internal argument as to whether or not I should force myself to watch The Body now or wait awhile, it’s going to wreck me either way so I may have to go straight into OMWF or something more comedic afterward.

I’m so excited you’ll be getting Orphan Black soon! Last night’s ep was amazing!!! Have you seen Dollhouse? (btw,as i write this with my 1st cup of tea, the Science channel is running an all day Firefly marathon- Joss Whedon is everywhere :D)
I actually have heard of Misfits and I’m anxious to see it, I hear whispers of it showing up here and will def watch it!
And yes it’s so wild that Buffy is being taught at Oxford! Joss went to school over there on your side of the pond but even over here some college courses are about Buffy too- you have heard that his version of Much Ado About Nothing is soon to be released, yes?

Some people like Angel more than Buffy in that Angel is darker and more adult if that makes sense, I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to spoil you but where are you episode-wise in Season 7? (Also if you want to do a rewatch of Buffy and discuss the eps, I am so in!!!) Do you know about the Buffy comics- I mean the Joss approved canon continuation of the series in comic form? Season 8 is finished and Season 9 is still going on now (I’m a few issues behind because, life) and again, I just keep on talking πŸ˜‰
Always feel free to talk here as much as you want, and if you do have any interest in a rewatch or feel like writing/talking more, feel free to email, i do tend to get wordy and babble a lot πŸ˜›
PS: I do delete things but usually keep everything whether I post it or not is a different story πŸ˜€

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